Replica Watches or real swiss made watches?

Obviously, watches have almost become an indispensable part of people¡¯s life nowadays, with Swiss-made-watches being the coveted target. Yet, it is impossible for everyone to buy a new watch of world-famous brand. As a result, the value of second-hand watches slowly comes to light.

As a matter of fact, second-hand watches enjoy much popularity for their irreplaceable advantages over brand-new watches. Although they may look a bit old in appearance, their quality and durability are by no means to be questioned. Valued second-hand watches, especially limited edition ones, are becoming increasingly popular as people pay more and more attention to watches of famous brands.

The basic reason many people choose second-hand watches is that those watches can enable them to reduce expenditure. As we all know, the price of second-hand watches is far less than that of the corresponding new watches. For ordinary consumers,spending a high amount of money to buy a new watch will inevitably disturb the balance between income and expenditure. So the choice of buying a second-hand watch instead could be counted as the wisest decision.

Next, the use value of these watches is the same as that of new ones. At this point there can be no dubiety. The function of these two kinds of watches is entirely the same, which ensures second-hand watches to reach the requirements of consumers in the current watch market.

In addition, used watches have very good collect value, especially some classical watches that will no longer be manufactured. They could also bring unbounded joy, excitement and enthusiasm for collectors. Moreover, sometimes second-hand watches even increae in value as time goes by.

Finally, the commercial effect brought by selling second-hand watches could in no case be undervalued. Take China market for example, it was reported that a man earned tens of thousands of yuan by selling two Rolex second-hand watches in HongKong. In fact, he bought them in Hangzhou for less than 68 thousand yuan each, but sold them at a high price of more than 100 thousand yuan each in Hong Kong market.

To sum up, second-hand watches have a huge market not only for their own irreplaceble advantages over new ones, but also for the huge commercial interests they can bring to investors.

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