Organic Rose Gardening

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Organic rose gardening. comes from a website that gives rose garden tips which are free for the taking at so go there and grab some tips for a beautiful fragrant rose garden.

Let's discuss organic rose gardening because it is better for your roses, you soil and your environment.

Eating organic (organic - without the use of synthetic chemicals) has been popular for sometime now because people know instinctively that organic is the way to go, it is better for our health. Natural is better. Well organic rose gardening is also considered the way to go with many rose fans and rightfully so.

Think about it, roses have been around and doing just fine for thousands of years with no problem even though there were no man made chemicals to be put in the soil or sprayed on anything. So chemicals are not a necessity to have a gorgeous rose garden. The earth and all life has existed in a state of balance sense the beginning with no problem. This balance in nature has always been maintained by Mother Nature herself. It is when man thinks he can do it better then the unbounded intelligence of Mother Nature that things start getting out of whack. And the use of synthetic chemicals to "help" our plants and to "help out" Mother Nature will throw things out of balance. Let's take a look.

When the doctor gives us antibiotics it kills all the bacteria in the body, which is a good thing because this gets us well but guess what? There are good bacteria in our intestines, bacteria which are good for our health. And all that good bacteria is killed as well. By the way the solution is to eat yogurt (or acidophilus) when you finish the antibiotics it will restore the good bacteria.

What does this have to do with organic rose gardening? Well we absorb our nutrition from the intestines (and stomach) just like rose plants absorb their nutrition from the soil. And just like there are good bacteria in our intestines there are also many good bacteria and other organisms in the soil which produce much of the nutrition needed by the rose plant.

Synthetic chemical fertilizers destroy natural soil organisms, including the good organisms, and disrupts the natural balance of the soil to the eventual detriment of the plant. With the good organisms destroyed the plant now must depend on the fertilizers for its source of nutrition. So we get some dependency going here.

Plus, (let's use the doctor/medicine analogy again) just like when people who take drugs for some health problem can become addicted to the drugs it is possible to get your roses addicted to chemical fertilizers. The more you use chemicals to "help" your roses, the more the roses will become dependent on chemicals. So now we have even more dependency going on.

So what do you do if your soil needs some help? Use some compost (compost - decayed plant matter: a mixture of decayed plants and other organic matter used by gardeners for enriching soil). The good thing is compost is free (fertilizers cost money). Most people just use table scraps. The rule is if it came out of the ground like fruit peels or vegetables it can go back into the ground if it animal (meat) it goes into the garbage. If you mow the lawn or rake up the leaves use the grass and leaves as compost for your garden.

With organic rose gardening you will have beautiful roses at less expense. Plus the soil will be preserved in its natural state and there will be no toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to people or pets. Organic rose gardening is the way to go.

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