DLC Watch Maurice de Mauriac ready for Baselworld 2010


Daniel Dreifuss  and four watch makers produce and sell their watches in the MAURICE DE MAURIAC study based near Paradeplatz , right in the centre of Zurich’s financial district. The innovative entrepreneur’s passion is to develop and produce distinctive chronometers , watches which bear his very own design hallmarks.  

He likes to combine business with ingenuity and loves being inspired by others; the infinite creativity in Karl Lagerfeld , visions and solitude in Coco Chanel , melancholy and depth in Leonard Cohen . But the boldness and independence of a Johnny Depp , or the mystery and subversive art of survival in Bob Dylan , too, can give him a kick that can, within seconds, trigger sustainable developments. 

The raw materials his exclusive chronometers are made of are cowskin, nappa or crocodile leather, dull gold or red gold, steel, titanium, carbon, black diamonds, and white diamonds. Due to the non-reflecting glass, the objects, instead of drawing attention to their outer appearance, conspicuously reveal – their inner life. The height and the gauge and the gleam of the red gold or steel case, the colour and the clarity of black or white diamonds each create a different atmosphere on the dial and give each watch a unique character. 

The most striking invention of Daniel Dreifuss is the “exchangeable bezel”. The dial, the watchband, the upper part of the case, and the glass can be individually chosen and exchanged according to the personal preferences of the client. Thus, each watch becomes an exclusive, a unique specimen. Just like perfume has to be chosen according to the quality of the skin, each client of Maurice de Mauriac can be sure to get a most distinctive watch perfectly matching his or her personality. 

History of the Manufacture

Daniel Dreifuss , born in 1960, first worked as management assistent, then, in 1989, changed to the field of promotional, jubilee, and company watches under the name of Dreifuss&Partners. Whilst connected with aesthetic, but commercially oriented products in the following years, he devoted himself to further studies and acquired the necessary knowledge to become a watch maker himself. His love of materials, scents, colours, and light, finally, led him to manufacture his very own collections. In the year 1997, he founded MAURICE DE MAURIAC – ZURICH. 

He views his company as a creative family enterprise – it was only after having met Claudia Ginocchio , the painter who later became his wife, that he truly learned how to develop artistic concepts.

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